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Fan makes awesome intro to Famicom classic Mother


Posted by: David Sanchez

Earthbound for the SNES is one of my favorite games of all time. I was lucky enough to finally play it a couple years ago, and it is easily my favorite RPG, like, ever, you guys. So whenever I come across some cool Earthbound-related stuff on the internet, I get really stoked. This is especially true considering a lot of this content is fan-made since Nintendo really tends to ignore the Earthbound series.

A fan decided to tug at nostalgic gamers' heartstrings and do something really cool. YouTube user rickonami went back and recreated the intro to the very first game in the Earthbound series, Mother. The result: A simple black screen with the game's creators listed in text transformed into a sweet space-themed intro sequence.

You should really check it out on YouTube, because it's super awesome. You can also check out the original intro and see the type of magic that rickonami created with his rendition. The whole thing goes from asbolutely stunning and beautiful to creepy and just plain scary. If you've played the Earthbound series before, though, that should feel pretty familiar.

That reminds me, I should definitely go back and play Mother. Why I haven't done entries of my original GameZone feature, Does it hold up?, of all three games in the series is beyond me. Hmm ... Maybe I'll do that in the near future. Just don't hold your breath because I'm super busy at the moment, people.

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