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Firefall beta live stream coming Saturday, January 28th


Posted by: Matt Liebl

A few weeks ago, Red 5 Studios CEO Mark Kern promised fans that they would live stream one of their beta tests for Firefall, an upcoming MMO and first-person shooter, if they reached the top 5 in the IGN Voodoo top anticipated games survey.  Well, thanks to the fans, they achieved that goal.

Staying true to his word, Red 5 has announced the date for the beta live stream.  This Saturday, technical designer Xenogenic and community manager Phobos will be live streaming the beta on, showing off the latest Firefall build and answering viewer questions.

The live stream begins Saturday, January 28 at 11am Pacific Time.  It will be show on the Red 5 Studios account, found here.

This does not mean the NDA for Firefall will be lifted, however.  As community manager FadedPez confirmed, this is strictly a beta live stream and the NDA will still be in full effect.

Aside from a few trailers and news posts, fans haven't been able to see much of Firefall.  They had an impressive showing at PAX, but with Mark Kern announcing they would be pulling out of E3 2012, this may be one of the few chances fans will get to see what Firefall is all about.

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