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Xbox 720's rumored graphics processor six times more powerful than 360


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Plenty of rumors are being spread about Microsoft's supposed followup to the Xbox 360, lovingly dubbed the "Xbox 720" by the gaming community. Though Microsoft refuses to aknowledge this new system, plenty of insiders have been quick to reveal information about their nextgen outing, with IGN today revealing details of the system's graphic processing unit (GPU).

The Xbox 720 will supposedly be going with a GPU derived from AMD's 6000 series of processors, not as powerful as the recently launched 7000 series, but still six times more powerful than the GPU found in the 360. More interestingly, the chip is about 20 percent more powerful than the one contained in Nintendo's Wii U, making Microsoft the current winner in graphic superiority for the coming console race.

Similar chips currently retail for about $80, which could add a decent chunk of change to the 720's pricetag. Hopefully Microsoft is getting a bulk rate on these! 

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