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SoulCalibur V: Kilik confirmed as unlockable and Setsuka rumored


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Today January 23rd, during an IGN live stream of the fighting game SoulCalibur V, there was footage of not only the unlocking of SoulCalibur veteran Kilik but also some gameplay with him.  He’s got a new look to him and a completely new play style.

First off and most importantly, he is no longer staff exclusive.  He now is a mimic character for any other male character – using the weapon and fighting style of that character.  So while the skin is Kilik in new armor, he does not have his own skill set.  In the footage he used Siegfried’s Zweihänder and Maxi’s nunchucks.  The screen capture ironically shows him using a staff.

During the live stream Rich Bantegui, community manager at Namco Bandai, seemed to drop a hint that Setsuka will be unlockable.  A tweet, during the stream, asked if Setsuka was playable.  Rich hesitated in response and then said there are multiple character select boxes which still haven’t been unlocked (on the IGN copy they were playing on).  This is not a definite yes or no but from that live response I would guess that it was a yes.

With only a week left we will finally be able to stop the stipulation and guessing and know for sure what SoulCalibur V will offer.  A week simply can’t pass by fast enough.

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