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Minecraft for Xbox 360 could have frequent updates


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

Microsoft has been highly criticized greatly in the past few years for its strenuous update process for games using their platform, so you can imagine why fans of Minecraft are worried for the Xbox 360 version. Fear not, though, as Paddy Burns, chief technology officer at 4J Studios, says that Microsoft is aware of the need for more frequent updates for Minecraft - a game that features many updates for the PC version.

Edge recently interviewed Burns, as she acknowledged the need for major updates. 4J Studios, as Burns describes, hopes to work with Microsoft to unleash substantial updates every two months, despite the company's history of long updating processes. Their main goal, though, is quality, and not quantity. As seen in games like Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Island, updates can actually further harm a game, brining more devastating bugs, that can ultimately break the game, so you imagine 4J Studio's intent on "quality over quantity." 

If 4J Studios manages to accomplish their goal, successfully of course, this could open the door for more frequent updates for many of the Xbox 360's games. Only time will tell, though, as the old saying goes.

Source: [GameInformer]

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