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Gearbox chooses Lilith actress for Borderlands 2


Posted by: David Sanchez

Not too long ago, Gearbox Software announced that it was searching for an attractive young lady to play the part of Lilith from Borderlands. Head shots helped the developer see the potential that some of the possible Lilith actresses had, but the choice was ultimately made after auditions. In a video feature, G4 revealed the young woman who will go on to play the lovely Lilith.

The winner was Yasemin Arslan from Australia. And before you ask, yes, she has a pretty sexy accent. You can check out an accelerated video of the whole transformation process and see as Yasemin becomes the memorable Lilith.

Personally, I think this attractive Australian is a good choice. I'll admit it took a little getting used to, but after seeing the crazy contacts, the red hair, and the tattoos, I'd say she was the right pick. She really does have that Lilith look in my opinion..

Borderlands 2 will feature a new cast of playable characters, so don't expect to actually get your hands on Lilith (perverts). Instead, she'll appear in the game as an NPC akin to Guardian Angel from the first Borderlands. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Guardian Angel will also be in Borderlands 2.

Check out Yasemin as Lilith below, and be sure to scope out the transformation process. It's pretty neat! So what do you think of the Lilith model?

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