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Project Fiona gaming tablet voted Best of CES


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

We still don't know what to make of Razer's Project Fiona, a gaming PC stuffed inside a tablet with two wonky little controllers bolted to either side. Obvious it's more a concept than anything else at this point, but just looking at it has us wondering if maybe we'd prefer a PS Vita for our mobile gaming needs. That being said, denizens of the interwebs are apparently thrilled with the device, having voted it as the "people's voice" winner for Best of CES. 

With this sort of fan reaction, it seems obvious that Razer will be moving forward to see if a consumer device is actually feasible. We'll have to save our critique for the final device but still, it seems weird to have my arms hugging either side of a tablet screen. What's wrong with the mouse and keyboard? Or just a regular ol' gamepad?

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