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Dustforce is an indie game you should check out


Posted by: David Sanchez

Sweeping isn't really fun. Unless you're sweeping in Dustforce. Then it's really freakin' fun! Launching today on Steam, Dustforce lets you traverse over 50 levels in style, combining platforming gameplay with unique sweeping mechanics.

You've heard of shoot 'em ups and beat 'em ups, but Dustforce changes things up with its sweep 'em up style of gameplay. You must scale walls and jump over pitfalls using nothing but your broom and sweeping away at debris, leaves, and--you guessed it--dust.

If the concept sounds a bit strange to you, that's probably because it is. But the whole thing really looks like a lot of fun. The interesting wall-jumping and wall-running mechanics look especially satisfying, and there's even some multiplayer gameplay to mess around with.

Developer Hitbox Team has priced Dustforce at $9.99, but you can currently save a buck on Steam and snag the game for $8.99. It certainly looks worth the price of admission. Check out the launch trailer for Dustforce on YouTube and see how cool this game looks for yourself. Oh, and the music is simply awesome!

A huge thanks to GameZone's Mike Splechta for noticing this little gem of a game!

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