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Saints Row: The Third adding free Team Fortress 2 DLC for Steam users


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Cross-promotions with Valve's Team Fortress 2 is nothing new to the Steam community.  However, it's very rare that a promotion extends beyond the initial pre-order status of the game.

Originally, when you pre-ordered TF2 on Steam, you received Killbane's Mask and Apocafists for the Heavy, and a special Third Street Saints Badge for every character.  It was your typical TF2 cross-over promotion.

But Saints Row: The Third is taking it a step further - as it tends to do with pretty much everything. Beginning Tuesday, January 17, all players on Steam will receive the 9 custom TF2 giant-sized character masks to use in the city of Steelport.

Now you can cause mayhem and chaos in Steelport disguised as the Heavy, the Scout, the Spy, or any other TF2 member of your choice.  The items will be added via a compatibility patch, so there is nothing you need to do to receive them - except own the game on Steam.  Unfortunately, this DLC won't be available for console players.

Console players do, however, get treated to some other pretty cool DLC that same day.  Also releasing on January 17th is the Genkibowl VII which is the first Mission Pack DLC to come to Saints Row: The Third, as well as CheapyD's free homie add-on which will be available on every platform.

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