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Jaffe thanks supporters for rise in charts


Posted by: Heath Hooker

In case anyone doesn't know, Amazon is kind of a big deal. The popular online retailer even has a video game top sellers list. Among the list, Twisted Metal is making a rise and it hasn't even been released yet. Currently sitting at No. 33, David Jaffe, best known for the Twisted Metal series and God of War,  announced a thanks for the support via his twitter page.

Jaffe had this to say, "Twisted Metal racing up Amazon Overall Best Seller game chart fast!Thx2all! &Yes,I am obsessively watching it and refreshing every hour:)."

Twisted Metal is quickly rising the charts having only entered the top 100 six days ago, it now sits graciously at No. 33 with the likes of Skyward Sword and the Wii Motion Plus contoller below it. Twisted Metal is a combat racing game that will be released on February 14. [Twitter]

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