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Sony shows off PS Vita's Augmented Reality with Table Soccer


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Sony showed off the PlayStation Vita's impressive Augmented Reality feature at CES 2012 this week.  It's already been confirmed that the Vita will ship with six Augmented Reality Cards and a voucher to download a few free augmented reality mini games via the PSN.

A new video on the PlayStation Blog displays the Vita's AR system with a game called Table Football, or Table Soccer in the U.S.

The game, which you can see below, has players use the six AR Play Cards to create a virtual stadium on top of a flat surface.  Different cards placed in specific areas on the table will create parts of a full stadium, complete with fans and scoreboards.

The overall game plays like a turn-baed soccer match and is entirely touch-based.  The skill is all in the speed at which you swipe.

The game doesn't look that great, but the technology is quite amazing.  In the future I could see this feature being used in a ton of different gaming experiences.

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