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Snake Eater 3D release date and cover art


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Did the Cold War ever end?  If you plan on replaying though the remake of Snake Eater then perhaps it hasn’t.  Snake Eater 3D is coming to the Nintendo 3DSs.  The official release date for this game is no March 8th of this year. 

If you are feeling nostalgic for some good ole Snake Eater action you only have to wait two more months.  If you just like playing though remastered games then this best-selling PS2 title remake may be up you alley.  I personally didn’t think I would see a day when I’d have the ability to be Snake though a hand held console.      

The Nintendo 3DS will make use of the Circle Pad Pro accessory for advanced gameplay.  Not to mention that this classic will also be in 3D, something else I never thought I’d see.  Check out the cover art below and wait only 2 more months.

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