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Final Fantasy Origins joins PSone Classics collection


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

If you've somehow managed to avoid playing Final Fantasy on the th various devices it's already been ported to (Playstation, PSP, iPhone...uh, Wonderswan), know that you can now experience the grandaddy of JRPG goodness on your Playstation 3 by picking up Final Fantasy Origins, now part of the Playstation Store's collection of PSone Classics. 

What this means is you're basically getting a port of a port, an NES game done up with fancy updated Playstation-era sprites, which can now be run through the Playstation 3's bi-linear feature to make them look decent on your shiny HDTV. This is obviously less preferable to a true HD Final Fantasy experience, but it'll get the job done. The collection also includes the nonsensical mess of a game that is Final Fantasy II, but we consider that more a fun joke than anything you should actually attempt playing.

The price for this beloved classic and its hideous cousin? $9.99, which seems just right to us. 

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