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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City cinematic trailer


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

With a slightly more than two month away release, are you getting excited for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon yet?  If you answered no, you must watch the trailer below.  If you answered yes, you absolutely need to watch the new trailer below.

The new trailer is a cinematic trailer with no actual game play footage.  While this can sometimes be disappointing, this trailer delivers.  The footage shows the Umbrella team converging on the government team.  When these two elite squads come together little is said and imminent fighting occurs. 

The visuals are awesome, the action is awesome, and the setting of Raccoon City is – yes – awesome.  What isn’t there to like about a 4 player – coop gameplay in a zombie apocalypse setting?  No, this isn’t Left 4 Dead, this is human vs. humans; just two opposing factions.  Umbrella would be the only corporation which could challenge a world super power. 

What is interesting is that the two factions seem to have differing abilities.  Shown in the trailer, are advanced stealth technology and pheromone grenades from the Umbrella squad.  The one squad mate completely disappears and another throws a grenade with a pinkish smoke which is identified to attract the zombie horde.   

Even if you aren’t interested in this game, the video is worth watching.  It got me pumped.

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