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Steel Legions Gameplay Trailer


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

It's an alternative past. Steel, steam and oil have become the definitive resource to drive the military forces of their time: heavy, giant steel colossus, controlled by half a dozen men and women. Balancing power between four huge empires, those machines are hungry for more of it's fuel. Resources are rare. Four commanders of opponent factions are sent to a yet unknown land to gain control over it's resources. Marauders are strolling trough this territory, it's a dangerous place. It's up to the brave crews of those gigantic combat vehicles, made of tons of steel, to find a balance between dominating the other factions and hunt for resources to feed their machines.

Player choose their side and start to either take on missions against players of the other factions to gain their own level. Or they hunt Marauders, which they steal resources from needed to improve and maintain their combat vehicles. Switching between dynamic, fast-paced PvP action, a variety of game modes and long term development makes this game a fresh installment in PvP online games.
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