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Check out these snazzy South Park: The Game screens


Posted by: David Sanchez

I haven't looked too into South Park: The Game. I like South Park, and I like RPGs, so I'm definitely interested in seeing what developer Obsidian has in store. Hell, I've got an issue of GameInformer that I've yet to crack open because I've been too busy playing video games, writing video game things, and reading comic books.

Still, there's no lack of interest in South Park: The Game here. I look forward to learning more about the game, and I'm pretty interested in seeing how it turns out at launch.

Obsidian released some new screens of its upcoming title, and it looks pretty cool. The art style is, well, South Park. The game is right on par with the series, and it has the same visual style as the popular show. I think we can all agree that that's a good thing, right?

You can check out the screens below. What do you think? You digging the art style? Or do you want something similar to the old South Park FPS from back in the day? Personally, I liked that game's graphical style, too, but this is much more suited for the franchise.

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