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Yu Suzuki hasn't given up hope for Shenmue 3


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi


Shenmue 3 is never going to happen. This is a fact I accepted many, many years ago, knowing that the video game world will never be ready for the epic final installment of the critically-acclaimed forklift racing simulator (there's some martial arts RPG stuff too, but its really all filler). But don't tell that to Yu Suzuki, who thinks there may still be hope for the long-awaited title, despite the recent cancellation of mobile title Shenmue World.

Despite Sega's obvious lack of interest in further Shenmue titles, Suzuki told French fansite Shenmue Master (translation courtesy of Spong) that he may be someday able to buy the rights to Shenmue from Sega and finish the game with a different publisher, saying: "Shenmue's license is an IP that belongs to SEGA... We can obtain the license from SEGA."

Will we ever see Shenmue 3? Or is this just one sad old game developer's wishful dream? Either way, we're rooting for you Suzuki! Even if you can't make Mega64's epic Shenmue ending a reality:


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