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Battlefield 3 weapon accessories to be rebalanced


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

It used to be that once a game shipped, that was it. The code you bought was the code you got, so when your jerkoff friend figured out that camping the bathroom in Goldeneye's facility level made him an untouchable god, there really wasn'y anything you could do about it other than kick him out of your house. These days however, we have patches, developers able to go in and tweak settings in order to improve the gaming experience, and DICE's list of upcoming tweeks to the game's various weapon accessories is definitely something of interest.

It seems that most players have already discovered which accessories are overpowered, and which could use a bit of a boost. Posted on Reddit, Battlefield 3's core game play designer runs through some of the tweeks they're implementing, including an accuracy penalty for guns equipped with the foregrip, and a reduction of vertical recoil to make the underused flash suppressor a bit more sexy.

What do you think about these tweeks? Did your favorite accessory get a boost or a downgrade?

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