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Evolution Studios Wishes Fans a Happy Holidays


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Evolution Studios loves their fans, and respects their feedback. All of the team members from the studio want to wish everyone a happy holidays, and also thank their fans with an in game goodie.

If you check the PSN Store, you'll find a new livery for Motorstorm Apocalypse designed especially for the holidays.

They also designed this Motorstorm RC holiday card to keep you in the holiday spirit.



They are also extending an offer for any skilled programmers that know their way around C++ to apply at and possibly be a part of their team for the upcoming downloadable game, Motorstorm RC.

If you were following news about RC, you'll know that the game will be cross compatible with both the PS3 and the PS Vita, meaning you'll be able to stop playing on your PS3, and immediately pick it up on your PS Vita.

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