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Portable GameCube Is All Kinds of Awesome


Posted by: David Sanchez

It's always cool seeing what gamers can do with consoles. The SupaBoy is one of the more recent examples of ingenuity in console modding. I mean, just seeing that portable SNES in action is really cool.

Now, we have another awesome device. The GameCube Envision is, you guessed it, a handheld GameCube. You can check it out on YouTube, where user Tchay777 created a nice little music video showcasing his awesome creation.

I was a big fan of the GameCube, and I would love to own an Envision. I still have a handful of GameCube games that are totally unplayed, and I would most definitely like to fire up those puppies on this cool handheld.

Personally, I think Tchay777 should start making these things in bulk and selling them like the SupaBoy. I know I'd buy one ASAP. After all, I've got copies of Killer7 and Metroid Prime begging me to play them. And yes, I know I can easily play them on my Wii, but still

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