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Atlus Reveals Absolutely Nothing in Latest Tease


Posted by: David Sanchez

Hey, guys! Did you know a game is coming out? Of course you did! But do you know what game I'm talking about? Of course you don't, because I'm being horribly vague!

Well, that's exactly what Atlus is doing. Responding to Famitsu regarding the new year, the Japanese publisher decided to tease its fans, reports Siliconera. "That title you've been waiting for may be announced," is all that Atlus revealed.

What title could the company be talking about? You can speculate all you want, but this is a crazy vague tease on behalf of Atlus. And no, the Persona series doesn't count because Atlus has already revealed a lot of what we can expect from that franchise.

So what do you think "that title you've been waiting for" will be? It obviously has to be a series we all know already. I mean, I doubt it could be anything new, otherwise we wouldn't be waiting for it. Personally, I hope it's a sequel to 3D Dot Game Heroes, but that's just me.

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