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Protect your League of Legends Account


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Nothing says “happy holidays” like getting an account hacked.  In part to prevent this, Riot has begun their ‘Summoner Safety Initiative.’  The one negative from growing at the level League of Legends has been, is that it becomes a larger target for those who want to ruin everyone’s fun. 

The folk I’m referring to are the hackers and bots.  Those people and manmade programs that exist to get into your account and steal you information.  Don’t forget, if you’ve ever bought Riot Points then your credit card COULD be on file.  Due to this, Riot is attempting to prevent this from happening to you!

Click HERE to see their suggestions.  These suggestions include keeping your operating system and your anti-virus / malware programs updates, don’t give your account info to anyone, not to download 3rd party programs, and a few more.

Keep your holidays happy and avoid the online grinches and trolls out there.

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