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Atlus's Mystery PSP Release is Strategy RPG 'Gungir'


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi


Two days ago we were sure that Atlus's secret PSP release was going to be Growlanser IV. After all, the clues given were that it was a PSP strategy RPG, who's name started with a 'G' ended with an 'R' and was the forth installment in a long running series.

We were wrong.

Turns out that the mystery title was Gungir, a sequel to Sting Entertainment's Knights in the Nightmare. The game not only carries the adorable anime artwork the developer is known for, but also a very interesting tactics system, which allows players to either spam numerous tiny attacks, or save up their power for enemy-busting power hits. Gungir drops June 12th on the PSP, rather late considering we'll all have Vitas by then, but whatever. Check out the game's opening cinema below!


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