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Devs Waiting to Release Official Battlefield 2143 Statement


Posted by: Matt Liebl

If you were hoping for DICE to spill the beans on a potential Battlefield 2143 game after a discovery of a potential teaser, you might be a little disappointed.

If you haven't yet heard, some fans spotted a Battefield 2143 easer egg in the recent Back to Karkand Wake Island map.  If you've played the latest expansion you might have noticed the engraved "2143" on the side near the jet hangers on the airfield.  This, of course, led to speculation and rumors.

Unfortunately, the folks over at DICE are remaining mum on the subject.  Global Community Manager Daniel Matros addressed the rumors...sort of.

"I will let the rumors linger a bit before making a statement.  It amuses me," Matros said to fans.

Given the hype based soley off these rumors, I wouldn't be surprised if DICE goes the 2143 route with their next game.  There's obviously much demand and given the success of Battlefield 3, I don't think DICE wants to wait too long for a new game.

In other news, Matros announced that there are now "almost 400,000 Platoons on Battlelog" with "plans to integrate platoons more."


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