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PlayStation Vita Memory Cards Almost Completely Sold Out


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi


This past Friday saw the Japanese launch of the hotly anticipated PlayStation Vita console, with gamers lining up outside their favorite retailer in hopes of being the first to get their hands on this sexy new portable. Interestingly, though the 700,000 units produced for launch day didn't sell out, the overpriced memory cards did. Both the 32GB and 16GB Vita memory cards were all eagerly snapped up Vita purchasers, the large capacity cards useful for containing the slew of downloadable titles on their way to the device. 8GB and 4GB cards were not reported to be in short supply, though it's no surprise that after spending hours in line for the device, Japanese gamers were willing to splurge a bit for some memory.

And if you think the Japanese are crazy for waiting in line for the chance to drop $120 on a measly 32GB of memory, just remember the iPad...

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