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Notch Makes New Game in 48 Hours


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

That’s right, Minecraft creator, Markus ‘Notch’ Presson has struck again; this time at the 22nd Ludum Dare competition.  This contest pits game developers against each other in a 48 hour contest to see who can create the best new product.

During this competition, Notch crafted Minicraft – the little sister of Minecraft.  This ‘top-down’ action game has similar aspects to Minecraft but without layers.  A player can chop trees, fight slimes, flight zombies, run through water, collect items, etc.  The graphics remind of the original Final Fantasy and plays like the original Zelda.

This discription reads,  “The goal of the game is to kill the only other sentient being in the world, making sure you'll be alone forever.”  Yay!  This sentient creature is known as the Air Wizard.  If he dies, you win!

There is already a browser version that can be played for free, and that link is HERE.

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