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Nintendo Showcasing Wii U at CES 2012


Posted by: David Sanchez

Nintendo never really does the whole Consumer Electronics Show thing. That's a bit odd considering how huge the event is, but it's just something the Big N usually skips. Well, that's going to change next year because CNET has reported that Nintendo will indeed be at CES 2012.

What exactly will the company bring to the trade show? It turns out the Wii U will be showcased at CES, which is great news because a lot of us have been wondering when we'd get some new info on the machine. It should be interesting seeing how Nintendo approaches this very rare appearance at CES.

Personally, I'm really excited to see what the Big N showcases at the event. Will some new tech demos be on display? Will the company reveal some noteworthy info on the machine? How much are we going to find out about the Wii U next year?

I really hope we get some insight on the console's specs. I also hope the many rumors on the console are addressed. All of the water cool talk that's been buzzing over the past several months has been driving me crazy, and I really just want to know how powerful this machine is, what medium it will use, and how that tablet controller will be put to use.

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