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New 'Secret' gameplay trailer of Devil May Cry


Posted by: Lance Liebl

For all of you Devil May Cry fans, there's a new 'Secret' gameplay trailer out there. It's being labeled as 'mysterious.” The video (shown below) shows the new-look Dante in an absolutely gorgeous setting of streets and buildings floating in the air, but fragmented. There seem to be hubs with some huge chains that are attached to a giant statue floating in the middle. The statue has red drapes flowing off of it.

Besides the ridiculous gun and sword play that DmC is known for, this trailer really showed off the lighting effects. I was really impressed by the lighting during the combat, specifically the glare from the sun as it bounced off of a column.

I haven't played a lot of Devil May Cry series, but this looks like a much more mature DmC game. With a darker (looking, at least) Dante, this is the first DmC game that I'm excited for. So why name this gameplay trailer 'Secret'? Well, I'm guessing it has to do with that huge statue that you're making your way towards.


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