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Sumioni Is a Cool-Looking Vita Game That's Coming to NA


Posted by: David Sanchez

The Vita is rapidly approaching launch, and there are already plenty of games that look worth buying. Personally, Touch My Katamari and Little King's Story Vita are the two games that have me really stoked to play the handheld. But now there's another game making its way to North America that you should really keep your eye on if you plan on getting Sony's upcoming portable.

XSEED will be localizing developer Acquire's Sumioni here in our part of the world. As you can tell from the lovely picture I chose as my header image, Sumioni is mighty stylish. The game's art style really reminds of Okami, which is in no way a bad thing.

Titled Sumioni: Demon Arts here in North America, the game is an action platformer that utilizes the Vita's touch controls fully. You'll have to draw different things on the screen in order to battle your enemies across 30 levels. The game will feature multiple endings, which is always nice if you enjoy replayability.

Sumioni: Demon Arts is due out in North America sometime in spring 2012. The game looks really cool, so I would recommend watching out for it. Hmm ... I wonder if it will have awesome authentic Japanese music. I sure hope so!

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