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The Old Republic: Pre-Order Code is NOT the Registration Code


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Folk buying, pre-ordering, and activating their Star Wars: The Old Republic are having issues.  There seems to be some confusion with the game’s pre-order code and the registration code.  The “serial” or product code is NOT the registration code.  The Pre-Order code is something Origins will / has sent you to register for early game access. 

Due to this, Origins will be emilaing their customers tomorrow, December 16th, with their digital copy of the game WITH product registration code.  This code allows you to register your game under “My Account” when logged into the SWTOR website.  This code has NOTHING to do with  early game access.

Yea, it’s still kind of confusing.  The official statement is below.  Good luck.

Blarg. My previous reply was eaten by the site.

As an update, we are in the process of fixing user accounts that have the actual physical boxed product and are experiencing product registration code errors.

Let me try to clarify this one more time. Your pre-order code is NOT your product registration code. Your pre-order code is tied to early game access: the earlier that you registered the pre-order code, the earlier you get to play in Early Game Access.

This confusion seems to stem from the fact that Origin has called the pre-order code a pre-order "serial" or "product code". THIS IS NOT YOUR PRODUCT REGISTRATION CODE.

Origin will email customers who pre-ordered their digital copies of the game tomorrow, December 16th at 8AM PST with your PRODUCT REGISTRATION CODE.

Once you receive that, you will be able to input the product registration code under "My Account". Again, the product registration code has nothing to do with early access.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, trying to help you all resolve your issues. If I don't reply immediately, it's because things are kind of crazy here in the office, but rest assured I will update when I hear anything major.

Once again, if you have the physical copy of the game (yes, some Europeans may already have theirs due to a distribution error) and you can't register your product registration code, please report it in this thread.

Thank you for your patience! I hope that you all enjoy the game!

Joveth Gonzalez | Associate Online Community Manager
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