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Tales of Graces: f is a Skyrim-Killer


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Given the rising popularity of Western-focused game design, the market for Japanese RPGs has largely been evaporated here in the States, with the troublesome process of localizing these text-heavy titles not worth the return for many game publishers. Thankfully, Namco's 'Tales' series continues to shine on, and even in a world where hard fantasy epics like Skyrim handily collect up plenty of Game of the Year awards, it's refreshing to know that there's still a company devoted to pumping out the adventures of wide-eyed teenagers with colorful haircuts.

Honestly, as fun as Skyrim is, I'm much more interested in a game like Tales of Graces: f. As seen in the trailer, the game's themes of friendship are timeless, while the combo-centric fighting is way cooler than Skyrim's stumbling mess of a combat system. Not to mention that the theme song is way cooler than any orchestral nonsense featured on the Skyrim soundtrack.

Tales of Graces: f for GOTY 2012! Who agrees?

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