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Modern Warfare 3: Ridiculously Fast First Blood Proves Map Design Needs Work


Posted by: Matt Liebl

If this video doesn't show a need for improvement in future Modern Warfare 3 maps, or even Call of Duty games in general, then I don't know what does.

Posted by YouTube User CallOfDope, the video takes place on the map Dome, a relatively small map that centers on...a dome.  In the video, the second the match begins the player jumps and fires a shot (unscoped) that hits and kills an enemy.  It literally happens before you can finish the line, "Take no prisoners comrades".  Does it sound unbelieveable? Check it out below.

Obviously something like this shouldn't happen, and with proper map design it wouldn't.  Don't get me wrong, Modern Warfare 3's maps are a step up from Black Ops, but something should be done with the starting positions.  The game's maps do a decent job of preventing blatant campers, but the fact you can jump and shoot unscoped, and manage to kill someone is a little ridiculous.

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