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PS Vita Memory Cards Priced and Quite Expensive


Posted by: Mike Splechta

The PS Vita is almost right around the corner, with gamers salivating for the "near PS3" graphics, and dual analog stick gaming. If you were just saving up the system itself, you might need to start saving a bit more for the actual memory cards. Thanks to GameStop which has revealed the listings, and Destructoid which reported on the matter, the PS Vita memory cards aren't going to be selling for cheap.

  • 4GB: $29.99
  • 8GB: $44.99
  • 16GB: $69.99
  • 32GB: $119.99

That's right, starting from $30 for the mere 4GB, going all the way up to $120 for the massive storage of 32GB, gamers are going to have to decide just how much they're going to be storing on these little memory sticks. With unknown file sizes for both save games and downloadable games, it's hard to say whether the 4GB card will suffice, or whether gamers will have to shell out the big bucks for a much bigger card.

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