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Ni no Kuni Sells Surprisingly Low in Japan


Posted by: David Sanchez

In a surprising bit of news, it turns out Ni no Kuni hasn't sold particularly well since launch, reports Andriasang. The PlayStation 3 version of Level-5 and Studio Ghibli's beautiful RPG sold 65,000 units out of its total stock during launch week. That translates to just 40 percent of the total amount of Ni no Kuni copies available at retailers.

Surprisingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has managed to sell increasingly well in the land of the rising sun. Considering how the Japanese market usually doesn't care much for Western game design, this is a bit of a shocker. With 179,000 units sold, though, it's obvious that Activision's latest military FPS is a solid hit in Japan.

Ni no Kuni received great scores, so the lack of interest from gamers in Japan is a bit strange. It's also pretty disappointing, to be quite honest, because Ni no Kuni had all the makings of a successful RPG. If sales don't see improvement, it's very likely that the game will be sold at a discounted price fairly quickly.

Let's hope things do pick up, and let's hope the game's sales in Japan don't affect its North American launch. I really can't stand Call of Duty as I think it's a horribly ugly series, so the fact that Ni no Kuni was overshadowed by such a shoddy title is very upsetting to me. Well, that's another reason for me to dislike Call of Duty--aside from the whole "it's one of the most aesthetically abysmal games I've ever seen" thing.

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