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Original Silent Hill 2 Voice Acting Included in HD Collection


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

I don't get what's up with Silent Hill HD Collection. Most developers just kind of quietly slap a few decent looking ports together and ship the whole thing out in a nice looking box. The Konami guys are like... going nuts making sure everybody is happy. This project is a labor of love for the team handling it... which is odd, since it's still just a collection of ports.

Either way, the game's producer Tomm Hulett just announced on the Silent Hill fan page that the compilation will include the original diaglogue for Silent Hill 2. I'll admit, some of the acting was a bit wooden, but I can see wanting to keep it around for the fans.

"Unfortunately, due to factors both technical and logistical, Silent Hill 3 will be presented with new voices only" Hulett added.

Why don't you just put a giant saw blade through our hearts Tomm? 

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