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BioWare’s Old Republic Website Struggles


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

All week, my TweetDeck has been overloaded with tweets about people downloading the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta.  These tweets have ranged from extreme exciting, fear of becoming hooked, complaints about the download size, and anger towards the website.  The passion for this game is as wide spread as the people’s love for Star Wars.

Is this passion overwhelming though?  Today the BioWare’s SWTOR website has been suffering.  With so many invites being sent out, so many people checking their beta dates, and so many people reading up on the forums – the site is exceeding massive bandwidth.  The site is tolerable in navigation until you go into the tester section, then I time out nearly always.  Patience is a virtue and perhaps a Jedi teaching.

Sadly, I’m rolling Sith and I want satisfaction now (and lightning, lots and lots of lighting).  The larger picture is the concern though, not the beta.  If this is a stress test is proving BioWare is not ready?  I’m hopeful.  This IS the point of a stress test.  I have faith in BioWare and I’m fairly certain they will do what’s necessary to make the release of SWTOR smooth.  MMO’s have a long tradition of being quite coarse the first few days.  Servers have issues with so many characters in one area. 

Now that Star Wars: The Old Republic is less than a month away, we can only hope and cross our fingers.   

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