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Telltale Developers Caught Penning Own Jurassic Park User Reviews


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Jurassic Park: The Game is the most recent title from adventure game studio Telltale, though it's hard to find a review right now, as the studio has been slow to get  review copies to sites like our own. Usually, that's the sign of a clunker, much like how Hollywood studios keep screeners of bad movies away from critics, knowing a bad review keeps box-office goers away.

So Jurassic Park: The Game might suck, we can't be entirely sure. Though we do know at least a few people love it, namely those who worked on it, who have been gracious enough to post their thoughts in the user reviews of Metacritic, along with some assuredly well-deserved 10/10 scores.

GameSpot has the full story, though as both they and Metacritic are owned by CBS interactive, it seems they've glossed over the inherant faults of the Metacritic system. Anybody can post a user review, making them essentially useless, especially when entire campaigns are launched to try and lower Metacritic scores for titles like Call of Duty. Not to mention, Metacritic places such high emphasis on the final score, that the entire gaming journalism world is suffering, with some even being fired for daring to give crap like Kane & Lynch a bad review.

Anyhow, shame on Telltale, but if you were honestly relying on Metacritic user review scores, you're an idiot anyway.


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