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Mysterious Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Page Found


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Ghost Recon community developer Antonie Emond recently posted some very cryptic tweets to his feed, which have had gamers wondering what exactly he was hinting at.

@aemond: "WxRxOxGxxx”

@aemond: "”

@aemond: "welcome to the *real* world”

A bit of thinking about the tweets had people realizing it was a URL, leading to the discovery of strange news site called, containing plenty of "leaked files" mentioning strange Mexican cartel activity. Fans are poring through the site and arguing on the Warmonger INC forums, trying to deduce the secrets of the game. Either way, it seems clear that this site will be a definite source of Future Soldier information in the future. Bookmarked!


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