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Kojima Returning for Metal Gear Solid 5


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Hideo Kojima is our favorite crazy man of gaming. Not only is the Metal Gear Solid series packed full of wackiness, but the man reguarly abandons his high-profile series to make even more crazy nonsense, such as Boktai, the vampire-slaying portable title which demanded actual sunlight for powering the main character. Thankfully, Kojima has been enticed back to the helm of Metal Gear Solid 5, likely by the scent of cold hard cash. Leaks reveal that Official Playstation Magazine UK has the full scoop on this Metal Gear Solid 5 announcement, though we'll have to wait for the full story once the magazine makes it to newsstands in a week or so. 

Though the big question is whether Solid Snake will again star in the game, we also wonder whether this announcement will overshadow the still upcoming Metal Gear Rising? Poor Raiden, finally getting a chance to prove yourself as a warrior, and yet still living in Snake's shadow...

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