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PETA Explains Mario Game: Misses the Point


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

PETA recently made headlines with their distasteful portrayal of a bloody Mario, killing real-life tanuki for their fur. Though PETA is known for their outlandish stunts, this one was aimed at our own industry,  and frankly it stood to highlight just how misguided and ineffectual the organization is. 

"Mario fans: Relax! PETA's game was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a fun way to call attention to a serious issue, that raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur," Shakira Croce, PETA's media coordinator said, according to Kotaku. "We wish real-life tanukis could fly or swat enemies away with their tails and escape from those who profit from their skins. You can help them by never buying real fur."

The reason we're upset PETA, is that your antics specially provoke outrage among people you should be attempting to add to your organization's ranks. Personally, I find the video you posted of these creatures being skinned to be downright horrifying. But there's no way I can donate my time or money to an organization who tosses it away on PR stunts like this, which result in nothing but negative publicity. 

Whoever said "any publicity is good publicity" was frankly, a moron.

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