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Notch Hard at Work for Minecraft Official Release


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Looks like Notch and team are still hard at work to iron out not only bugs, but add a few new surprises to Minecraft's official client. As previously thought, that today would mark yet another, but FINAL pre-release, looks like we'll still have to be content with the version that's currently out.

Six hours ago, Notch tweeted "We'll finish the Release Candidate for Minecraft today!" and throughout that time we see updates like "Fixed a couple of z fighting issues and made the third person camera work a bit better. (it's location aware now!)" and "New sounds have been added, and a few bugs (including the infinibows) have been fixed. Now; more bugfixing!!"

It's great to see them hard at work, knowing that our beloved lo-res mining/crafting/survival/etc game will find its way to completion soon. That's not to say Notch isn't enjoying  a little bit of Dovahkiin activity himself, as he's apparently enjoying Skyrim on his Macbook Air.

And for those who can't get enough of the Minecraft/Skyrim/Scrolls comparison/controversy, here is a video from YouTube user Haasth22, that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

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