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Steam Hacked - User Accounts Compromised


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Some of the biggest gaming news this year was the hacking of the Playstation Network, with thousands of users having their account information compromised, the online play network going down for over a month. Now it seems that Valve's recent partnership with Sony has led to them inheriting some of that misfortune, as their Steam service has been similarly compromised.

The extent of the hacking seems less serious than Sony's, though in addition to defacing the Steam forums, the hackers also gained access to passwords and credit card information for various users of the service. Valve is still investigating how serious the damage is, though at this time they believe the main Steam service is secure, only forcing forum users to change their passwords at this time. President Gabe Newell obviously apologized for the inconvenience, and encouraged users to keep an eye out for fradulent credit card activity just in case.

Source: GamePro

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