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Nintendo 3DS Zelda Bundle Is Beautiful


Posted by: David Sanchez

Nintendo is certainly putting a ton of effort into the whole Zelda 25th anniversary thing, and rightfully so. In my personal opinion, The Legend of Zelda is Nintendo's top franchise (along with Kirby), beating out Mario, the company's flagship series. Now, the Big N is doing something else in commemoration of the Zelda series.

A new limited edition Nintendo 3DS Zelda bundle has been announced for Europe. Only Europe. That's right, no North American or Japanese announcements yet. Grrrrr!

What exactly does this bundle include? Well, a beautiful black 3DS with golden Zelda stuff decorating the darn device. It also comes packed with a copy of Ocarina of Time, which is, like, the 3DS's best game so far.

Europe will be getting this snazzy 3DS on November 25. Will the lowly North American dwellers such as myself get it over here? I sure hope so, but I won't hold my breath.

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