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Modern Warfare 3 Gamer Fights off Armed Robber


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Last night, gamers worldwide lined up for Modern Warfare 3's midnight launch, making sure they'd be among the first to secure a copy of the hotly anticipated Call of Duty title. Though it seems some worked harder than others to get the game, with one man fighting off an armed robber in order to keep his pre-ordered copy.

As the Kansas City Star reports, an 18-year old male has been arrested after pulling a gun on a GameStop customer, demanding his just-purchased copy of the game. In true gamer style, the victim refused to lose, moving in for some Metal Gear-style C.Q.C. and wrestling the man for his gun. Realizing he'd been pwned, the robber fled the scene, and like a total noob actually got back in line for the game! Thankfully the boys in blue rolled up on this lamer and cuffed his ass.

We have tenative reports that the crowd savagely teabagged the moron before he was thrown into the back of a squad car, though that remains uncomfirmed as of this time.

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