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Skyrim to Receive Launch Day Patch for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC


Posted by: Matt Liebl

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set to release this Friday, when it will promptly get a patch upgrading to version 1.1.  This is according to Bethesda Community Manager Nick Breckon who confirmed on Neogaf, "Yes.  All platforms going to 1.1 by 11/11/11."

Though nothing is officially known about the patch, it's safe to assume the first day patch will address bugs that managed to make it into the release version of the game.  Skyrim isn't the first game to get a patch during the first day of release.  Many companies use it to fix the bugs that are noticed after sending the disc off to burners, or that they didn't have time to initially fix.

Most of these will probably be optimization tweaks and slight fixes that the casual gamer will hardly notice.  Skyrim is set to release on 11/11/11 and all three platfroms - PC, PS3, and Xbox 360- will be getting the update.

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