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Monster Hunter Tri Announces World Eater Weekend


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Though many gamers are eagerly awaiting Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 port for 3DS, plenty are still getting their fix on the game's original Wii iteration, happily murdering the game's massive creatures and ripping various horns, organs and other crafting materials from their still warm carcasses. So, if you've been in the mood to link up with three friends and kill a dinosaur, you'll be happy to know that Capcom has just announced the limited-time-only World Eater quest for Monster Hunter 3.

In this special quest, players are tasked with fighting a deviljho, the T-Rex of the Monster Hunting world. The catch, is that this particular dino is big enough to eat most adventurers whole. Though the challenge level has been kicked up for a beast of this size, so has the reward, with the drop rate on rare deviljho gems bumped up considerably. More importantly though, Capcom hints that the elusive timeworn charms will also be much easier to find, possibly as a quest reward. With countless players looking to unlock some of the game's super rare stat-boosting charms, we predict this mission will be taken up by many an adventurer. 

Source: Capcom Unity

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