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Lineage II Makes the Move to Free-To-Play With New Content Update


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Lineage II has been one of the most dominant MMORPGs within the Asian markets since its release in 2003, at one point boasting over a million unique users. However like many other MMOs, Lineage now faces stiff competition from the ever-growing FTP (free-to-play) market. And as has been the case with most subscription-based games, Lineage is now jumping aboard the FTP bandwagon, while simultaniously releasing the game's biggest-ever content update. 

This big push is a smart move by NCSoft, enticing players not only with the ability to play for free, but also luring back previous players with the wealth of new content available in the Godess of Destruction update, which promises all new classes, skills and bosses to players of level 85 and above, as well as entirely new areas featuring epic castle sieges and arena-battles. New players also benefit from a new shared starting area, which completely streamlines the process of getting a new character into the game, with many areas redesigned to better introduce the Lineage world and systems to newbies. 

To compensate for the fact that players are no longer feeding money into Lineage on a monthly basis, the L2 Store has been beefed up considerably, offering a variety of in-game items and premium item packs that give a noticable boost to characters. 

The new Lineage II business model and Goddess of Destruction will launch together later this year. More information can be found at

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