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Battlefield 3 Myths Busted


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Since it's launch last week, BF3 fans have been arguing back and forth over what is possible and impossible in Battlefield 3.  We've had arguments ranging from the possibility of killing an enemy with the defibrillator to taking out a tank with full health using only 2 C4.  Luckily, Youtube user fhrope has provided us a video of him debunking some of the big Battlefield 3 myths.  Prepare to have your Battlefield 3 world rocked.

There you have it.  Visual proof of what is possible and impossible in Battlefield 3.  Well, this changes everything!  I guess i won't be trying to destroy any vehicles with claymores anymore.

Were you surprised with any of the debunked myths?  Is anyone else upset that you can't destroy the antennae?  Still, there are folks who will argue it.  Video or it never happend.

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