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Screenshots of a Sexually Creepy 3DS Game


Posted by: David Sanchez

Someone's having fun with the 3DS. No, I'm not talking about you. Chances are you're having anything but fun with Nintendo's dual screen handheld, what with the lack of awesome games and all.

But hey, it's good to know that someone's really going to town with the portable. Though it's been known for some time that D3 Publisher was working on a strangely sexual game for the 3DS, we've now gotten a closer glimpse courtesy of some screenshots. This game is so weird.

Titled If I Were in a Sealed Room with a Girl, I'd Probably XXX, the upcoming handheld title has you filling in the blanks as you decide exactly what you would do if you were in the situation mentioned in the game's title. This is some nasty, naughty stuff, but it's certain to appeal to some gamers. Hell, if you own a 3DS, this is probably on your must-buy list now given its light competition.

The game is set to land this winter in Japan. Will we get it here in North America? Do we want it here in North America? Check out the pictures below and decide for yourself.

Too weird ...

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