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New Details on Skyward Sword's Areas and Items


Posted by: David Sanchez

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is slowly approaching its November 20 launch, and Nintendo has just revealed some new details on a couple of the game's areas. Link will traverse the Eldin Volcano in order to reach the Fire Sanctuary located at the very summit of the volcano. The mountainous locale will be active and likely crawling with enemies, so expect a hectic trek.

Once you get to the Fire Sanctuary, you'll uncover new enemies and items. Among these useful objects will be the Mogma Mitts, which allow Link to dig through soft patches of dirt or rock. The hero will then be able to seek out useful items and explore new areas underground, which is pretty cool, and something we haven't really seen before in the series.

Upon returning to Skyloft, Link will be able to take part in several new side quests. One of these is Pumpkin Pull, a shooting mini-game that has you aiming at flying pumpkins. This sounds like the type of optional challenge that will likely reward you with something snazzy if you manage to set a record. What the benefits will be, however, remains to be seen, but it should be a fun and interesting diversion.

Skyward Sword is easily the most anticipated Nintendo game of the year, and its November 20 release date certainly feels incredibly distant. It seems that the wait will be worth it, however, so let's just hang tight as we eagerly prepare to play Link's next grand adventure.

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